International Internship / Exchange Program

International exchange within the metal forming industry – ideas, practices and cultures

With the ICOSPA international internship program the association helps match progressive companies with talented students and staff in China, France, Germany, Japan and the United States of America.

Benefits of Participation

Internships are available for motivated individuals who have an interest in manufacturing careers and are interested in hands-on experience with world-class manufacturing companies around the world. Interns may be a student or at the beginning of his/her career.

Share perspectives and gain new viewpoints from someone just beginning his/her career in metal forming – make an impact by exposing a young person to the metal forming industry in different companies

Expose interns to the metal forming business culture in countries around the world – share best practices from across the globe

Understand how metalforming companies around the world differ and create global business relationships that may lead to future business

Gain global perspective on operations, management, work style and business acumen

Contribute to the growth and health of the global metalforming community

“I have had two very positive experiences with international student exchanges, both with students whose families own manufacturing companies.  My sixteen year son spent five weeks in Germany and was very impressed with the efficiency of German manufacturing culture, orderliness, architecture and history, and of course his host family.

Then later we hosted a German college graduate that who earned college credit for a full semester with GR Spring & Stamping in our Accounting Department.  We continue to share ideas ten years later.  International internships are a GREAT educational experience for the student and the hosting company.”

Jim Zawacki
Chairman, GR Spring & Stamping Inc

The exchange program is typically 6 weeks, paid or unpaid. Housing with a host family may be available.

For more information please contact ICOSPA General Secretariat at